A5 Puffin Notepads – 2 pack

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Printed in the UK, our A5 puffin notepads come in a pack of 2. The first notebook is blue and has a large illustration of the puffin printed on it whilst the second notebook is white and has a pattern of flying, standing and sitting puffins printed on it, contrasting diagonal blue lines have been included in the design as well.

Widely known as the ‘sea parrot’ because of its colourful and comical appearance, the Atlantic puffin is an expressive and curious bird, communicating with others by moving its eyes, head and body in certain ways. Be as expressive as the popular seabird and scribble down those thoughts (before you forget them!) in these colourful notepads.

Both notebooks are A5 in size, contain 32 plain pages and come held together in a pretty belly band.


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