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Cheery Red Squirrel Coaster By Cherith HarrisonMeet Cherith Harrison

Hi, I’m Cherith Harrison ( just call me Cherith) and thanks for stopping by!

The first question most people ask me about my designs is why are they so influenced by animals? When I was seven years old I rescued an injured wild baby rabbit and ever since I have been fascinated by the animals and wildlife that surround us in the British countryside.

I love animals because just like us, they too have their own individual personalities and characteristics. Ever since I was a child I’ve always associated people with animals I admire. Growing up, I used to think of my Grandpa as a British bulldog! With his quiet temper, desire to do as little exercise as possible and the extreme patience he had with his 4 grand-children running riot around him on a Sunday afternoon (as he attempted to snooze), it was hard not to compare him to the grumpy looking, sweet natured pooch!

Cherith Harrison StagWhen I create each animal print design, I aim to capture their unique personality. For example, when designing the noble stag, I wanted to convey its majestic and enigmatic stature. By contrast, my gentle bunny shows its adorable and friendly character. In capturing the sense of tranquillity in British wildlife, I like to think my products give people a little piece of the countryside wherever they go.

Unique Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

I want my designs to offer a personal touch to your gift and a connection to the recipient’s animal alter-ego! Perhaps you have a friend who is like the cheery red squirrel; a great homemaker, charismatic and caring? Or a work colleague who is like the loyal Scottie dog; mischievous and fun to be around? Whoever you are looking to buy a gift for and whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find one that suits them perfectly right here.

Can you tell what animal I relate to? I’ll give you a hint, the clue is in the story…

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