What Animal Are You?

What Animal Are You?

Britain is rich with iconic animals. Inspired by their beauty and personalities, Cherith’s hand illustrated designs adorn a range of products, so why not make a statement with one of our creaturely themed products! Whether you’re treating yourself or shopping for a friend’s birthday, you’re sure to find the perfect gift. Struggling to decide on which design to go for?

Then scroll down to see which animal you (or your friend) are!

Highland Cow Love Oven Gloves by Cherith Harrison

Big Friendly Giant

We have two highland cow collections and so if you identify yourself with being a gruff but gentle soul then you are hands down, a highland cow! If you are also all about fresh air, beautiful scenery and spending quality time with loved ones then you will love the items we have in our Highland Cow Love collection!

Did you know..? Highland cattle are the oldest registered cattle breed in the world!


A highly territorial bird, this brightly coloured bird likes nothing more than to sit perched on the branch of a willow tree overlooking calm waters where it misses absolutely nothing – for each eye is used separately and so if it sees someone else encroaching on their turf they will be sure to notice! Thought dainty in size, this bird can eat, around 60% of its body weight per day to be exact! 

Did you know..? Kingfishers start dating in the Spring!

Butterfly note cards by Cherith Harrison


Beginning life as a bit of an ugly duckling (or, caterpillar) they grow into eye-catching, and quite often colourful insects. Not only are butterflies incredibly beautiful but they also play a crucial role in the plant world for they help flowers, vegetables and fruits to produce new seeds by carrying pollen from plant to plant.

Did you know..? Butterflies are unable to fly if their body temperature is below 86 degrees.

Wooden Christmas tree decoration with robin design by Cherith Harrison

Festive Robin

Like a lot of birds, robins are highly territorial and can make their home almost anywhere. Like, literally anywhere – from the apple tree in your back garden to the engine in your car. Despite their ability to lose their temper faster than they can take off – they are actually friendly little things and will happily feed from your hand, once a level of trust has been established.

Did you know..? Because part of their coats were red, Victorian postmen used to be known as ‘robins’. When sending Christmas cards became fashionable in the 1840s postmen would get nick-named the ‘Christmas Robins’.

Nautical puffin mug by Cherith Harrison

Atlantic Puffin

Puffins are sociable birds when on land, they will hang out in large numbers chatting with anyone who will listen – they’re also quite nosey too! At sea however, they like nothing but peace and quiet and will quite happily relax on their own with no distractions. Are you the same where you like being in a big crowd as well as enjoy solitary peace from time to time? If you do then our range of puffin gifts are perfect for you! 

Did you know..? Baby puffins are called pufflings!

Highland Cow apron by Cherith Harrison

Trusty Highland Cow

Dependable, trusty and protective, the highland cow is often perceived to be fierce as a result of its hardy exterior but is in fact a gentle and docile creature.

Did you know?…the highland cow responds well to human contact and has the longest hair of any cattle breed?

Dragonfly tote bag by Cherith Harrison


Mysterious and beautiful, Scotland’s Northern Emerald Dragonflies and Damselflies are bold and colourful characters, sure to catch anyone’s eye! They live in the moment with no regrets and with a real sense of “joie de vivre”. Dragonflies and damselflies are delicate yet striking in their appearance, but it is their intellect and talent for multi-tasking that characterises them best.

Did you know?…dragonflies were some of the first winged insects to evolve 300 million years ago – before dinosaurs!

Noble Stag

This magnificent, majestic creature is a deep thinker who enjoys reflecting on life as it watches the world go by. Private and enigmatic, the stag has a strong presence and is highly adaptable to new environments.

Did you know?…the stag is Britain’s largest native land mammal and will travel great distances when in mating season?