Highland Cow Love Oven Gloves


Our Highland Cow Love oven glove has been printed in earthy tones of orange, green and brown and features on each opening Cherith’s illustrative design of a parent licking her calf clean, who doesn’t appear to be too impressed! An adult highland cow can be found relaxing in the middle of the field, simply taking it all in. 

Printed on the reverse of the oven gloves is a close-up of lush fields and farms. Cherith’s unique drawing style allows her to capture wonderfully all of nature’s varying textures and patterns making even the most mundane subject such as mud and grass, vibrant and beautiful. The semi-abstractness of the design will help to hide the cooking stains that inevitably come with time with regular use.

Handmade in the UK the double oven gloves are made from unbleached cotton and measure 82cm x 18cm. A matching cream trim finishes off the gloves wonderfully.

Our oven gloves conform to British Standards 6526:1998

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Thistle Florals (£5.00)

Choose a Design

Thistle Florals (£5.00)

Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100

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