Have you seen the shortbread tins I recently designed for Sainsbury’s? No? Well you have now! I met with the packaging team in January this year at trade show Top Drawer and was excited (not to mention, flattered) to hear of their desire to use my illustrations of a highland cow and stag on their festive gift tins, that would be sold in the run up to Christmas.

Given I already have my own highland cow and stag range we agreed it was best I produce bespoke illustrations for their exclusive use, which suited me perfectly, any excuse to get my sketch pad out!


Stag Shortbread Tin by Cherith Harrison for Sainsbury's

Highland Cow Design for Sainsbury's Shortbread by Cherith Harrison

Having already worked in packaging design prior to setting up my business, it was nice dipping my toe back in familiar waters. I had to work pretty quickly to get the illustrations, completed, artwork and approved before sending them off to the tin manufacturers in China, their large order volumes meant they needed everything signed off end of March in order to make delivery for stores nationwide at the start of October. Fortunately, only a few minor amends were required, quite possibly the quickest design I’ve ever had to produce!

Hope you like – have you got a favourite? Mine is the stag ; )