By way of expressing solidarity and spreading joy, optimism and love throughout these trying times, The Lane wanted to showcase the artistic endeavours of 20 illustrators, artists, designers and photographers as part of a massive, colourful shout out to our wonderful key workers. Such artistic creations can be found on 20 billboards up and down the country, with each billboard featuring a gallery carousel showing all of the artists’ own representation of a rainbow. I was absolutely delighted to have been asked to create my own rainbow artwork, anything I can do to a) show my appreciation for our key workers and heroic NHS staff and b) get my sketchpad out and draw! 

The brief was simple; create a piece of artwork that includes a rainbow.

What I’ve been completely humbled by throughout these crazy pandemic / self-isolation / lockdown times is the way in which we, the British public have come together in unity sharing a common desire to help our neighbour, show kindness to those less fortunate and convey our immense gratitude to the heroes at the frontline, risking their lives to help save others.

My design includes the UK’s 4 national flowers as it occurred to me recently that the colours of each one make up the colours of the rainbow; red for the English rose, orange and yellow for the Welsh daffodil, green for the Irish shamrock and blue, indigo and violet for the Scottish thistle. I wanted my design to portray this unity because if any good has come from COVID-19 it has been our ability as a nation to put aside any differences and come together as one. 

I included the word ‘Persevere’ within the design purely because it’s just a bloomin’ good word and so incredibly apt right now.

Persevere Rainbow Emblem by Cherith Harrison
I hope you like my design and are able to take away a little encouragement from it. If you like it you can print it off here and use to hang up at home or stick in your window. I have also created a plain black and white line drawing of the design for those who would like ‘make it their own’ and colour it in. You can download that here. 

Persevere Rainbow Print by Cherith Harrison

Persevere Rainbow Printable Planner by Cherith Harrison
I’ve also created a daily planner sheet for you to print off at your leisure – perfect for those juggling working from home and home-schooling! You can download your free daily planner printable here – there is space to write your to-do list, priority tasks and things to be thankful for.

Printable Rainbow Planner by Cherith Harrison

I know it sounds cheesy but each day I always try and write down 3 positive things that have happened that day. Even if I have had a rubbish one forcing myself to think of even one thing to be thankful for makes me feel better and put things ino perspective. I think it’s safe to say that now more than ever we are all so much more thankful for the simplest things than we have been before.

The giving doesn’t stop their either! I have also created 4 phone screen backgrounds for you to brighten up your smartphone with, you can download all 4 here. 

Rainbow screen savers by Cherith Harrison

Lastly you can also order a rainbow face mask (£12) and rainbow greeting card (£2.50) too!

Rainbow face mask by Cherith HarrisonPersevere Rainbow Greetings Card by Cherith Harrison
You can view the other Rainbow creations that will be appearing on a billboard near you here 

Take care and stay safe

x Cherith x