Digital wallpapers, phone backgrounds, screen savers – whatever you call them (personally I call them ‘phone backgrounds’) it’s high time that I shouted about all the new designs I have been busy creating and adding to my ever-growing digital wallpaper collection! Newsletter subscribers gain exclusive access to all 26 designs so if you would like to prettify your phone then sign up here – you will be sent the download link in your welcome email alongside a 10% discount coupon code, might I add : )

The first 3 below I created back in 2019 when I launched my Thistles and Butterflies collection – you can view the full range here, all products in this collection feature my illustrative designs of butterflies and wild countryside plants and thistles, all of which have been printed in lush greens and bright pinks.

Gorgeous screen savers by Cherith Harrison

Since creating those I have been creating 2-3 new designs to go with each collection that I release – it’s kind of an addiction! I like having a pretty phone and I love being able to offer my subscribers free things every so often as a ‘thank you’ for their custom and support. I think refreshing your phone background periodically is nice to do, if anything it’s a top procrastination activity – I’m not going to lie. I use a different phone background for my lock screen, home screen and WhatsApp wallpaper. Deciding on which one to use requires a serious amount of thought and takes precedence over important stuff like sending invoices and purchase orders. Choosing which background to use for my home screen is way more fun.

Given the amount of time we spend on them, I do think it’s nice having a little bit of wildlife inspired art on your phone. According to City A.M. in August 2020, lockdown saw adults (in the UK) spend over 40% of their waking day glued to their devices – pretty staggering. So my thinking is if we can’t get away from our mindless scrolling for an injection of fresh air and light nature relief, then at least let those come to you (or smart device)!

No really – all joking aside – we should make it a priority in our daily lives to be outside more often enjoying the fresh air and getting our step count up, preferably screen-free. Having a nature-inspired phone wallpaper doesn’t have the same health benefits sadly – but I hope that it will inspire you at least to take time out to practise a little bit of screen-free mindfulness, even if it is just a 10-minute walk around the block.

Ok, the next lot of phone background designs that were released was at my Robin and Holly Berries design to go with my Robin collection which was actually released in Autumn 2018 but phone background design addiction hadn’t begun at the point and so the 2 wallpapers below were released in the Autumn of 2019.

Digital wallpaper and phone background in Robin design by Cherith Harrison

Printed in red and warm browns the design features a cute robin perched on a branch surrounded by holly berries and various winter shrubberies.

In January 2020 I launched my Kingfisher collection – featuring kingfishers printed turquoise, blue and bright orange it makes for an eye-popping, colourful range! As a tip, phone background designs that show an animal I recommend using for the lock screen, the pattern-only designs are better used as the home screen background as it displays better behind the app buttons.

Digital wallpaper and phone background in kingfisher design by Cherith Harrison

In 2020 I created a ‘persevere’ rainbow emblem as part of a ‘Thank You NHS ‘ campaign as headed up by The Lane Agency – you can read all about that over here. It was such a beautiful campaign that I am proud to have been a part of – the design features a rainbow and the 4 national flowers of the UK which fittingly, make up the 7 colours of the rainbow.

Digital wallpaper and phone background in rainbow flowers design by Cherith Harrison

For Christmas 2020 I created a very small collection called Winter Woodland and it features my illustration of popular Christmas animals such as a reindeer, hare, fox and robin all gather around an old gramophone listening to Nat King Cole, obvs. The range includes Christmas cards and letter writing sets – this is such a festive and nostalgic design that I loved having on my phone at Christmas time last year!

Digital wallpaper and phone background in Christmas animals design by Cherith Harrison

At the start of 2021, I came across this quote first spoken (I believe) by Christina Hoffman The comeback is always stronger than the setback” – given the year 2020 was I fell in love with these words instantly. And so another phone background design was born! I handwrote the quote and drew all the floral flourishes in my bullet journal before scanning it in and creating 3 different colourways. I chose one of the colourways to be ultimate gray and illuminating yellow (the 2 colours for this year as set by Pantone)  as well as teal/mint and pink/orange. I also created desktop background wallpapers in this design too!

Digital wallpaper and phone background in inspiring quote design by Cherith Harrison

Digital wallpaper and phone background in inspiring quote design by Cherith Harrison

Digital wallpaper and desktop background in inspiring quote design by Cherith Harrison

The latest instalment of digital wallpapers I’ve recently designed is of my newest Highland Cow Love collection – a range depicting a family of affectionate cows happily grazing on lush green pastures and enjoying the simple things in life; loved ones, fresh countryside air and beautiful scenery. For this, I have created not 2, not 3 but 4 design variations! You can read all about my Spring/Summer 2021 range here where I talk about my love for all things patchwork!

Digital wallpaper and phone background in highland cow design by Cherith Harrison

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